Our Book and drive sessions are our most accessible packages, allowing you to experience karting with your family or friends.

Children and family open karting (one plus drivers) for 8 to 13-year-olds

All drivers must be at least 8-years-old and be a minimum of 4 foot 6 inches (137 centimetres) tall. There must be at least one junior driver in the family or group to book a children and family session.

Junior drivers (aged 8 to 13) and their family members can drive on the circuit in open, timed driving sessions - perfect if you want to find out who the fastest member of the family is (no pressure Mum and Dad!). Open timed driving sessions means that parents and older siblings can drive together with their younger junior family members and other ‘like-minded’ groups at the same time.

We offer 15-minute sessions and then offer additonal sessions going up in 15 minute intervals. 30 minute bookings are normally done in one 30-minute session. 45 minutes are done in one 30-minute and one 15-minute session.

If you’re feeling more energetic, and think you’re good enough to handle it, you can also book 60-minutes of track time to really push you – can you cope with the required endurance? This session is split up into two 30-minute sessions.

Before setting off marshals will -

  • check you’re ok
  • do a brake test
  • give any advice and coaching tips

At the end of the session your race results will be sent to you by email to show who is the fastest driver and who rules the track.

Junior drivers (aged 8 to 13-years-old) in the group will use either the 160cc or 200cc karts, depending on their size and height, and 14-years-old plus and adult drivers in the group will use new race tuned Biz evo3 karts on the track.

There can be up to 18 drivers in total on the track at any one time, made up of other families or like-minded groups.

2 Karts racing

Adult session (14 years and above)

Drivers must be at least 14-years-old and a minimum of 5 feet (152 centimetres) tall.

After completing the safety briefing, drivers will make their way to the pit lane for their adult karting book and drive session.

Groups and individuals are put together to make up groups of up to 18 drivers. Drivers will use new race tuned Biz evo3 karts to compete in either a15, 30, 45 or 60-minute (2 x 30-minute) karting session.

Your race results will be emailed straight to you after race has finished and show you who was the best driver of the session and your lap times.

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Time Price
15 minutes £22 per person
30 minutes £32 per person
45 minutes (1 x 30 minute and 1 x 15 minute sessions) £42 per person
60 minutes (2 x 30 minute sessions) £57.50 per person

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All customers must either provide their own gloves and balaclavas that are appropriate for karting, or they may purchase them (to keep) from Hull Karting for just £3 each or £4 for a set.

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